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DescriptionLinkEmailOther Info
123D Creature www.123dapp.com/creature   
3daVinci 3D Printing Software www.thinkdrawprint.net   
Afinia 3D Printer www.afinia.com sales@afinia.com  
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Room www.amnh.org/discoveryroom discovery@amnh.org  
Beta Layout create electronics www.beta-estore.com   
bhold Innovative designs responsive to you www.bholddesign.com   
Blokify www.blokify.com   
BotBuilder: 3D Printer Assembly Workshops www.botbuilder.net   
Brillist Global Collaboration Platform www.brillist.com smaithel@brillist.com http://www.diyactionfigures.com 
BuildYourCNC fabrication technology for the cottage industry www.buildyourcnc.com phooddaniel@buildyourcnc.com  
Cadsoft Eagle for PCB layout ww.cadsoftusa.com   
CEMETECH Teaching Programming Concepts with the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus www.cemetech.net christopher@cemetech.net  
cerberus_333 Perry Engel  cereberus_333@hotmail.com  
chipKIT embedded platforms www.chipkit.net   
ConceptForge Wally and Simpson 3D Printers www.conceptforge.org   
Deezmaker 3D Printing Fun www.deezmaker.com deezmaker@gmail.com  
DeltaPrintr www.deltaprintr.com   
DFRobot electronics www.dfrobot.com   
Digi XBee www.digi.com   
dilly design dillydesignnyc.com   
Dragon Innovation more than just crowd funding www.dragoninnovation.com   
Dynamic Braille www.zahncenternyc.com dynamicbraille344@gmail.com  
EepyBird www.eepybird.com/  Viral Video Manifesto Book 
Freematics freematics.com  http://arduinodev.com 
Free Software Foundation www.fsf.org   
GarrettWade Tools garrettwade.com   
Gigabot large format 3D printer www.re3d.org/   
GO LAB CubeSats www.gothamlaboratories.com info@gothamlaboratories.com  
idlehands.tv The Gcode Painter idlehands.tv  dlobser.com 
i.materialise Online 3D Printing Service i.materialise.com   
Ithaca Generator Makerspace ithacagenerator.org/   
Kraftwurx 3D Printing www.kraftwurx.com   
Kurt Wendt Freelance Prototyper  vrfx@optonline.net facebook.com/thebotguy 
LAGOA The 3D Cloud Platform www.lagoa.com chris@lagoa.com  
LIB3 Technical Services for Hackers and Startups www.lib3.com contact@lib3.com  
M3DI 3D Scanning m3di.co nasir@mannan@m3di.co  
Makeblock www.makeblock.cc jonathan@makeblock.cc  
MakeWithMoto Protocoder makewithmoto.com/protocoder   
MatterContol: A free application that makes 3D printing as simple as it should be www.mattercontrol.com   
MatterHackers www.matterhackers.com   
McGraw Hill www.mheducation.com roger.stewart@mheducation.com  
Mechatronics Technology Center www.mtccitytech.org   
Microchip Technology www.microchip.com marc.mccomb@microhip.com  
Mindplus: Everyone can be a programming rockstar www.mindplus.cc/tutorial   
Modibot 3D Toys www.modibot.com wayne@modibot.com  
NJ Makerspace Association www.njmakerspace.org scarter@rutgers.edu  
Once Lost Jewelry oncelostjewelry.blogspot.com oncelostjewelry@gmai.com  
Other Machine Company 3D milling machine www.othermachine.com   
Pensa DIWire Wire Printer www.pensalabs.com   
Phoenix 3D Printer www.ez3dfor.me   
Prototype Supply High-quality PLA, ABS and HIPS Filament for professional quality 3D prints www.toybuilderlabs.com joseph@toybuilderlabs.com  
Rocca Productions www.scottrocca.com sroccaproductions@gmail.com  
sculpteo the 3D Printing Cloud Engine www.sculpteo.com hello@sculpteo.com  
SeeMECNC 3D Printers and more www.seemecnc.com john@seemecnc.com  
Shapeways 3D Printing www.shapeways.com   
Simplify3D All-in-one 3D Printing Software www.simplify3d.com info@simplify.com  
Solidoodle 3D Printer www.solidoodle.com   
Synthetos motion control www.synthetos.com rob.giseburt@synthetos.com  
TakeItApart dot com www.takeitapart.com   
Tech Valley Center of Gravity Makerspace www.techvalleycenterofgravity.com   
TekServe NYC Apple Specialist www.tekserve.com   
The B9 Creator www.b9creator.com   
The College of Technology of the City University of New York www.citytech.cuny.edu   
The Maker Movement Manifesto Amazon   
Thomas Willeford Presents The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide McGraw Hill   
Tinkerine Studio 3D Printers www.tinkerines.com contact@timkerines.com  
tinysaur.us Tiny skeletons you assemble everythingtiny.com  facebook.com/tinysaur 
TMAX 2.0 3D Printer www.3dsuppli.com   
Todd Blatt's Custom 3D Stuff www.custom3dstuff.com todd@custom3dstuff.com  
Vader Direct to Metal 3D Printer www.vadersystems.com scott@vadersys.com  
Velleman 3D Printer www.elexp.com  www.k8200.eu 
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